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With the Sports Slice, I plan on giving you my brash, harsh, but always honest opinion on the Philadelphia sports scene. There's no smarter sports fans in the world than Philly fans. While many view us as heathens who just boo and throw beer at others, there's a side that many don't see that I'll share with you. Picking up on the nuances of each sport is something we take pride in and there's always a reason behind each boo. So whether you trust the process or not, I got you covered every step of the way from State College to Philly.  – Lucas Gouvalis



  • With Embiid back in the fold, the Sixers looked like a different team from the start. While it took a while for his offense to get rolling, his defense made an impact from the jump.
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  • There hasn’t been one competitive game all series besides game two. I’m actually embarrassed for the Flyers. I also feel like an idiot for getting my hopes up a little bit that this could be a competitive series. The truth is, these two teams aren’t even in the same league.
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  • The Instagram story heard around the world has become news following the Sixers loss to the Heat Monday night. Shortly after the game, Joel Embiid took to social media and voiced his displeasure with how the Sixers medical staff has treated him. The quote reads, “F***ing sick and tired of being babied.”
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  • In 2005, I went to a Sixers-Heat game with my dad. That night, AI and Dwayne Wade traded buckets the whole game. Wade ended up with 32 points and led the Heat to a win. Fast forward to 2018, I’m in the upper deck with my boys and D-Wade kills the Sixers with 28 points and gives home-court advantage back to the Heat.
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  • A dark, gloomy day is the scene as I get ready to go to my first Sixers playoff game. I woke up this morning and thought about the Sixers’ playoff games I’ve been to, from the early days of the Iverson era up until the Embiid/Simmons era. There have been some highs and many lows. I look forward to adding another high to my list and my first Sixers playoff game in six years. We’ll take it back to the Iverson days first.
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Lucas Gouvalis is the head of the Sports Slice blog at ESPN Radio of the Leigh Valley.  While attending Penn State University, his love of writing and radio grew with every class and professor he met. While being immersed in the family pizza business since graduation, he has never lost the passion that stayed with him through his graduation day. 


While sports take up a large chunk of his time, he spends his free time with friends, family and out at local pubs enjoying some wings and a few beers. 


The Lioudis and Gouvalis families have been running Lehigh Pizza at its current location (the corner of 3rd and New St.) since October, 1996. They pride themselves on being a reliable and friendly source of good, reasonably-priced food to local residents, students and employees of local businesses, schools and hospitals. Whether you’re in the mood for a slice or a whole pie, Lehigh Pizza is happy to satisfy your pizza craving.