ESPN Radio of the Lehigh Valley


Every Thursday night at 5:45 we will give three listeners the chance to Ride an Underdog all the way to Atlantic City.

The first three callers will come on the air & predict an underdog in college or pro football they believe will win outright that weekend. They can choose any game (that has a line on it) to be played from that night thru Monday evening. The largest underdog to win their game nets the contestant a 1-night stay at Harrah's in Atlantic City.

We will use the betting lines at that moment listed on for Caesar's/Harrah's.

If one caller predicts a 1-point underdog to win, the next caller takes a 3-point underdog & the last contestant takes a 5-point underdog... the final contestant just needs his team to win to claim the prize. The 3-point underdog needs to win & have the 5-point underdog win, and the 1-point underdog would need to win and have both the other teams lose. Got it?

If all three teams lose, the point spreads no longer matter. The team that lost by the fewest points is declared the winner.

If spreads are exactly the same, a road underdog wins over a home underdog & a college underdog wins over a pro underdog. If no winner can be declared at that point, the team among those tied that won by the most points is the winner.

Contestants must be 21 years of age or older.

Once you have won this contest, you are ineligible to play for the next three weeks.