Mike Mreczko

Mike Mreczko has been working for ESPN Radio stations since before he graduated college.  He served as a producer, reporter, update anchor and fill-in host prior to becoming a host here in the Lehigh Valley.  He joined the Happy Hour and created The Tailgate Show which can be heard Sunday mornings during the NFL season. A native of New York, "Big Mike" has lived in Pennsylvania since 2004.

Mike is never afraid to talk about any issue or call out anyone.  His true passion is hockey but Mike also loves football, college hoops, baseball and talking about the betting odds.  Mike is a proud fan of the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers, a not so proud fan of the Dallas Cowboys, and supports his alma mater, Villanova.  He is always ready to talk about your team as well so tune in, call in and mix it up with Big Mike here on ESPN Radio.

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